Baked Mac and Cheese with Bacon

This recipe is for those lazy days, it’s simple to make and don’t take long to cook. So, if you need a tasty, simple and easy meal, this recipe is perfect. Baked Mac and Cheese Ingredients: 400gr elbow macaroni (al dente) 900g heavy cream 8 tbsp shredded parmesan 300gr shredded mozzarella 100gr shredded cheddar 250Read more

Hungarian Salty Slices

After baking so many sweet recipes, I decided to bake something salty, and nothing better than a stuffed bread. This recipe I found in Naninha’s blog, and its really worth baking it. Hungarian Salty Slices Ingredients: Fermentation: 25g active fresh yeast 1 tbsp sugar 1/4 cup warm milk (110 to 115 degrees F) 1/2 cupsRead more